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What Is It?

It's difficult to describe to you what I saw. I was bundled up sitting on the swing praying when an image crossed my mind. It looked like a veil of some sort, with holes, spread across a map of the United States. I wouldn't have know how to explain it until I was using an antibacterial wipe. When I was finished, I glanced at the wipe before tossing it into the garbage. To my surprise, it was just what the veil in my vision looked like!

I took a picture to use in this blog. The veil across the United States was a gauzy fabric with lots of holes - only there were many more holes than in my picture. In the vision the veil was much darker and looked slimy. I assumed it to be an evil veil of some sort. As I considered the veil I saw that it was beginning to break up. Holes were forming.

The word He gave me was "dissipating."What began as pinhole breaks in the surface were enlarging right before my eyes. I was able to look into the holes and guess what I saw . . . underneath each opening in the veil was a prayer warrior!

I sensed the Lord saying, "Keep praying the veil of darkness is dissipating."

I looked up the word dissipate and it means: to disperse or scatter. In physics, dissipation means to cause a loss of energy, as in losing power.

Thousands of prayer warriors, some secret, some on zoom, individually or in small groups, have been faithfully praying for this nation. We can't stop now. Our prayers will not fall to the ground. Let us join our hearts with the Lord, listen to the Holy Spirit, and pray like never before.

I hear the Lord saying, "KEEP PRAYING, PEOPLE, IT'S WORKING!!!"

Co-laborer in Christ,


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