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Hi, I'm Marji. 


    "I love sharing the Word of God and encouraging women in their personal relationship with our Living Lord, Jesus Christ. I have been following the Lord since I was born again in my twenties. He has sent me all over the world sharing His Word and stories off the pages of my life in Him.

     I share in a down-to-earth way which usually includes a lot of humor and transparency. 

     Jesus Christ is the star of all my stories inspiring women to trust in HIm through all seasons of life.

     I am an ordinary woman,  with battles and brokenness, heartache and discouragement—just like all of us.  I've walked in the heights of joy and through the pits of despair. Through it all, God's faithfulness and lovingkindness have gone beyond anything I could have hoped for. His strength and grace have matched each weakness and carried me through each trial.  

     Yes, I am an ordinary woman—but I have an extraordinary God, and that's what I hope you will remember the most."

It's a happy thing . . . God bless you,   

  Love Marji

2010 - present
2010 - present
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