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Happy News-and I heard myself say, "Yes!"

You might have caught wind of my happy news... I'm getting married!!! Who'da thunk?

It all started at the Pittsford Y.

After swimming, I enjoy going into their hot tub. I don't normally pay any attention to the other folks in the jacuzzi. I get in ... close my eyes, and soak. This day was different. I overheard a man talking about a well-known watercolorist and illustrator I'd always wanted to meet. When I heard him say he'd known the man for 40 years I decided... I have to get in on this conversation.

"I'm an artist," I said.

The man turned around and smiled. "Hello, what kind of art do you like to do?

Are you married?"

A little shocked, I muttered, "No ... well ... I'm a widow."

"I'm a widower. My name is Robert. Would you like to exchange phone numbers?"


In the locker room I was a mess ... Marj. you idiot! You agreed to give your phone number to a complete stranger. How do you know he's not a stalker or some kind of pervert? Didn't your mother teach you anything about talking to strangers?

He was waiting for me outside the locker rooms. He seemed very polite and nice. I learned he was very active in his church, was an artist, a former principal and teacher, and lived 8 minutes from my house.

Hmmmmm? The idea of a "Boyfriend" was the furthest thing from my mind.

I agreed to let him call. That evening, we talked for well over an hour. He asked me to go to lunch that week.

Oh, Lord, I haven't been on a date since High School. I felt SOOO awkward and in high-protection mode. My girlfriend said, "Just be yourself." Nice idea, but I was clanking around with so much protective armor on I wasn't sure what that would look like.

Lunch was lovely, but stiff. I used my best table manners ... took small bites, left some on my plate even though I wanted to eat it, didn't talk with food in my mouth, sat up straight ... Oh Lord...

I guess I didn't blow it, because he asked me out again. This time we went to meet that artist he'd mentioned. It was wonderful. I watched him with my grandson ... check. I watched him with my dog ... check. He always was a perfect gentleman ... check.

Even though I could see he was a quality man, I remained very guarded.

Lord, this man is walking right into the center of my life. Is this You? Please show me.

It was soon after that I had a dream: I was sitting with Jesus beside a river when His attention went to something behind me. I turned to see what He was looking at and there was my husband, Bill, shaking hands with Robert!

Whoaaaah ... Lord, please confirm this crazy dream.

So, I asked a counsellor friend what he thought. He said, "This is a bit out of the ordinary to tell you this, but there's a gentleman that I see on occasion, and every time I do I think of YOU."


He chuckled, "Yes... you ... and I've been praying if the Lord wanted me to introduce the two of you ... and his name is Robert."

"You've got to be kidding!!! The same Robert?"


I finally had the peace I needed, and my heart opened wide.

After a year of dating, Robert proposed, and I HEARD MYSELF SAY "YES"!

Sunday, December 10th, we are having a small ceremony in my art studio with plans to have the wedding reception/celebration in April.

God is SO good!

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Congratulations Margi! I just watched your video “The Place of Turning” this morning Dec 10th which lead me to your website and this anouncement that your getting married today! All the happiness in the world and beyond too you both. 😁


Marji, I just received this information from Adele. I have been so out of the loop. I am so happy for you. God has truly blessed you. Keep shining and congratulations to you. So glad I can read your blogs❤️. Alana M


Good for you two! We have known Robert for years. All through our Faith temple days. He is a wonderful and gentle spirited man. Looks like God knew you both needed each other. Very happy for you both! God bless! ❤️ hector and Kathy


Kerry Luddy
Kerry Luddy
Nov 30, 2023

What an amazing story, Marji! Congratulations to you both!

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