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Here's a peek into the inspirational art in Flourishing in God-A Message from the trees. When you purchase your book through this website you will receive a free tree print.

Also available are new notecards and envelopes. Eight different tree drawings in each pack. 

open door tree.jpg
Tree notes 2.jpg
Oak tree.jpg

I am mighty Oak, beautiful

and strong, boasting of God's provision and providence.

sycamine, no words.jpg

I am Sycamine, I warn of a bitter spirit

and call for forgiveness.

Acacia tree no name.jpg

I am Acacia, shade in the desert. 

I am strong with a humble call to serve the Lord in hidden places.

Date Palm.jpg

I am Palm. I can

bend in the wind because I have a living center. 

Lebanon Cedar drawing.jpg

I am Lebanon Cedar.

My roots go deep,

and have a chemical

on the tips of them so

they can drill through


broom tree.jpg

I am Broom, I call to the weary, "Come and find rest." 

flowering almond.jpg

I am gentle Almond. I am a watcher, and I sing, "Wake-up! The Lord is at hand."

Ash Tree drawing copy.jpg

I am Ash. I am

dying. I warn,

"Guard your

heart with all


Tree notes 1.jpg

Illustrations c. 2019 by Marji Stevens

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