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Can the boys keep the secret?

     Children's books were Marji Stevens' passion until her grandson turned twelve. He was past the picture book stage, so together they talked about writing a mystery novel. For the next year, a wonderful new bond developed between them as this book was written. Here's the story:

     Will Martin had never been able to resist a good mystery. Perhaps it was his own near-death experience due to his Type 1 diabetes that fueled his enthusiasm, but tales of adventure and survival always filled his head.


     Often he and His buddy, Pete, entertained themselves by playing out such fantasy adventures in the forest and back edges of his family's farm. It was great fun - until the fateful day that Will and Pete stumbled upon a real-life incident of blood and treachery which threatened to bring even their own young lives to an abrupt end. Suddenly, life and death hung by a thread of secrecy.


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                Chapter 1 - page 11  


"Hey...look!" Will pointed at a beat-up, black compact pickup truck crawling up the rutted lane. "Nobody's allowed to drive on the bike path."  Whoever was driving they had to be looking for something, Will reasoned. The car was going too slowly for anything else. The boys crouched down to watch, but when the truck turned in their direction and suddenly stopped, Will instinctively ducked for cover.

    "Do you think he saw us?" Pete whispered.

     "I think so." Will hugged the ground and peered through the weeds. The sun glistened off the windshield of the mysterious truck so he couldn't see who was driving. He'd never seen that vehicle before.

     "What's he up to?" Pete wondered aloud.

      The truck remained facing their direction for the longest time. Will felt a strange uneasiness in his stomach. Like whoever was behind the steering wheel was indeed watching them. But why?

Pine Spruce Branches 8
Pine Spruce Branches 8
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