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Dew Drops and Tinkling Moss

Picture by William Stevens (Wes_Photographics on Instagram)

Amidst the stress and busyness of life can you take the time to stop and listen to the rain?

With all the negativity swirling around us, have you taken the time to stop and think through the issues and gain understanding?

I was experiencing intense dryness some years ago because I was burning the candle at both ends. My prayers were rushed and one-sided. I took no time to listen to God and wait for His inspiration. My Bible study was nearly non-existent.

I could tell I wasn't in a good place. I was much more irritable and angry. My patience was nil, and my emotions ruled were ruling me. Finally, I stopped. I sat on my swing and listened to the rain.

"God, I need you," I cried. "Forgive me for wandering away. I need an outpouring of Your Spirit."

Perhaps He would send me to a dynamic conference where the anointing is powerful. Maybe I needed to buy a new book and let the author's inspiration feed me. But that's not what He had in mind. The first steps I'd already taken - stop - repent - and listen.

During the next week, I happened upon an interesting documentary about finding water in the desert. First, you dig a cone shaped hole in the ground. Then, you put a container at the bottom of the cone and spread plastic sheeting over the entire area. Make a small hole in the plastic and position it directly over the container, then wait. Dew in the morning will collect on the plastic, drip down into the container, and . . . you have water!

God designed our ecosystem so splendidly that as exposed surfaces cool by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than it evaporates, resulting in droplets of dew. Deep in the desert, where it rarely ever rains, temperatures can drop as low as 40 degrees at night, so the condensation can be really heavy.

My explanation is very simplistic, I know, and you only get about a quarter cup, but I think you get the idea. God wasn't going to make it one, super-duper, Hollywood style in-filling. It would come a little at a time.

I thought about this information for days praying He would show me how to apply it. I sensed Him saying to read one Psalm and one Proverb a day until further notice. He told me not to rush after, but savor the precious 'dew' condensed from every drop of His Word.

Though my flesh preferred it happen quickly, this is not the way through a dry wilderness. He wants us to hang on to every trickle of revelation He gives. He wants us to meditate, to chew on each verse.

Relationships don't grow deep when we settle for shallow, quick conversations exchanged on the fly. Relationships grow from eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart exchange -- when time gives no restraint.

I bought a new journal and titled my quiet time, "Dew in the Desert Morning."

The theme stayed with me long into the next spring. I was on a ministry trip to Ithaca, NY and during a free afternoon, I took a hike with some friends up Buttermilk Falls. About half way up the steep, winding steps we came to a lovely cove with a powerful waterfall. My attention was especially drawn to the shale walls surrounding the cove. Each sharp ledge housed lush, green moss. When I touched the moss water tinkled out onto my finger. The moss was completely saturated even though it was a distance from the spray of the waterfall. That's when the Lord whispered to my heart:

"I want your life to be like this moss . . . nestle in the Rock, rest by My power, and let Me mist upon you."

He was giving me another illustration for the same principle. The kind of in-filling our thirsty souls long for is rarely found in big conferences and showy presentations. It's the water of God's grace found in quiet places with the Lord. It's a thirsty heart of faith poised to receive the slightest drop of His goodness.

Later, while teaching a group of women about the importance of quiet time, I said, "Quiet time is so important. God wants us to live full and always be ready to minister. If you do that, people will only need to bump into you and you'll tinkle all over them!"

When the room erupted in laughter I realized what I'd said. What I should have said is:

"When we live full in Christ Jesus, we'll be ready to minister His goodness wherever we go.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your faithfulness. Sometimes all we need is time with Jesus. Forgive us, Father, for wandering off into life and not taking the time to stop and listen to You. Thank you, that You are the living water that satisfies our thirsty souls. Amen.

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