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Respect Your Ideas!

If I've learned anything over the years as a creative person, it is to respect your ideas, no matter how disjointed they may seem. I remember sitting in the pediatrician's office with my boys more than forty years ago when I saw a face in a magazine that caught my attention. I made a quick sketch of the man's face and later filed it in my "ideas" folder. I had no idea what that idea would turn out to be, but something told me to save it just the same. Thirty years later, it became the illustration for a farmer in my book: Where Do Words Come From?

If I'd judged that simple drawing insignificant or unimportant, or "stupid" as kids might say, I would have missed a creative opportunity.

To impart this truth to our children might be the greatest legacy we leave behind.

Respect your ideas!

Everything begins with the seed of an idea. Look what God has provided with the seeds He created! Consider the sequoia redwood tree; its seed is the size of a tomato seed yet look what it produces if allowed to grow. The sequoias seed has a big challenge finding room on the forest floor for such a tiny life to grow. It has to struggle through the thick, matted rug of roots that the bigger redwoods produce. Sometimes, it's not until there is a fire, and the underbrush is burned away, that the teeny seed has a chance to grow.

Many of the seeds God planted in my life didn't show themselves until after the 'fire' of loss swept through my life - but in God's perfect timing, the harvest has come forth.

Trust your ideas. Dare to dream. You never know how big a tree you might be growing! And, if they are from God, they will spring forth in the perfect time, and grow something to bring Him glory.

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