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Examining Fantastic

Which fantastic is it?

The original meaning of the word fantastic is: existing only in the imagination, unreal.

It's something not accredited to reality. We have to ask ourselves is what I am believing only in my imagination? Is it unreal, or true? That's how we resist double mindedness.

Today, we use the word fantastic more informally: something extraordinarily good or attractive, wonderful. (The weather is fantastic today.) Both definitions exist side by side, yet are very different.

Some people believe the resurrection of Jesus is fantastic - existing only in the imagination of gullible Christians who need an emotional crutch. Others believe the resurrection is fantastic - wonderful, and good.

To me, it is imaginative to believe the world was made by a random BANG! To others it is a wonderful and attractive FACT. I believe the Bible, so it is not unreal for me to believe God is Creator - but to someone who does not accept the Bible as Truth would use the other definition.

I got on this roll as I was reading Mark. When King Herod heard of the miracles Jesus was doing he said, "John the Baptist is risen from the dead, and therefore these powers are at work in him." Other's believed it was Elijah, or a different prophet. Herod said, "This is John, whom I beheaded, he has been raised from the dead" (Mark 6:15-16).

Wow, how come it was easier for Herod to believe John was raised - but not that Jesus was raised! Let's face it, anything to do with Jesus things right down the middle. It's the forever tension between what is real and unreal, truth or wishful thinking, God's grace and my responsibility, something wonderful and good or simply existing in my imagination.

I remember an event years ago when my 12 year old son gave me life-changing wisdom. I was belaboring a big disappointment when my son, Jon, entered the room and caught me crying. He considered the explanation for my tears and then said, "Mom, you either believe God or you don't."

We need to sort out the fantastic from the Truth and then stand strong.

consider . . .

Which side of "fantastic" are you on? Unreal, or good:

- A baby growing in its mother's womb isn't viable until it passes through the birth canal?

- You can go to Heaven because you are a "good" person.

- Hell is real.

- The Bible is like a smorgasbord: I'll take this, but I won't take that.

- I can imitate the world and call myself a follower of Christ.

- I can eat food containing unhealthy ingredients and not get sick.

- We can run up trillions in debt and avoid a crash.

- We can see food shortages all over the world and belief that could never happen in America?

- We can spend all our time building our careers, seven days a week, and expect God to understand we're just busy.

Let's examine what we are believing and know the difference between what is good and what is our imagination. Which is it? We can't have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. It's all or nothing.

This is a fantastic subject to contemplate.

Songs of Contemplation for our quiet time . . . click here

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