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Hi there... I'm Marji!

Artist, Author, Speaker, & Psalmist

I'd much rather tell you about myself over a cup of tea at my kitchen table in my old farmhouse. That way I could hear about your life, too. I'm Rev. Marji Stevens and I'm the director of Embracing Grace Ministries located in Upstate New York. When I'm not traveling in ministry, you'll find me writing, or in my studio drawing.  As long as I'm creating, I'm happy.​


What are you looking for?

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All of my artwork is inspired by the Lord and illustrated in my adult and kids books, as well as pictures for hanging in your home.

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Invite me to speak at your weekend or one-day retreat. I talk on topics such as flourishing in Christ, overcoming loss,

and more.

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Widow Group

Are you a widow looking for community? If so, I would love for you to join me and a community of other women.

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Enjoy books from Mim's Pickety Press!

Mim's Pickety Press is the publishing side of Embracing Grace Ministries. Here you'll find fiction and non-fiction books that inspires both adults and kids.

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