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Women's Events

I share with audiences how the gospel connects to our everyday lives and how we can flourish in Christ in all seasons.

How I Prepare

God wants us to live ready to minister.


That means staying connected to the Lord and His Word every day, so when I have the opportunity to minister it is an extension of my life. Then, I study deep and pray hard. 


After I've prayed and studied, the Lord tells me to look my best, show up on time, and hold my stomach in ...

then the rest is up to Him.

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Flourishing Events

White Hydrangeas


Full Weekends

Schedule your weekend retreat at the location of your choice giving the best opportunity for in-depth teaching and fellowship.


One-day Retreat

One day retreats are the most popular. A day away can be so invigorating. They can be held at your church, or any location of your choice.


LOL Event

Lives Overcoming Loss, (LOL) is my widow ministry that meets once a month at my home. I also help others schedule a special event for the widows in their area.


"Marji always brings the joy of the Lord. Our ladies needed a good laugh. Marji's teaching is so practical and down to earth, but packs a punch, too."

Barbara S., N.Y.

"We were so touched by the Lord during Marji's ministry. There was a depth of God's grace and gentleness. The Father's love was expressed in such a beautiful way through Marji's words and stories. It touched me and made me want to fall in love with the Lord as never before. There was a sweetness and joy that's hard to express."

Nora L., N.Y.

"Marji's ministry was such a blessing. Many people from other churches have thanked me for have you as our speaker. You have the gift of expressing what is in the heart of most women. Many women received just the right touch of encouragement."

Lynn F., P.A.

"This event was a wonderful opportunity for God's precious daughters to gather around a tested Truth and spur one another on to love and good works. It's fun, too!"

J. Wood, N.Y.

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