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Welcome to Mim's Pickety Place

Hope this finds you all healthy and thriving in Christ. I've been busy in my studio creating new products for upcoming engagements and the holidays. If I'm not on my porch swing this is the place you will usually find me - in my studio.

When my son, Kyle, transformed the garage into this amazing place I knew it was too nice to be just mine. So, I dedicated it to the Lord and I'm amazed at how He is using the space. I've had many comment that they can feel the peace of God when they step in. My art buddies come weekly to work on projects and we enjoy sweet (safe distanced) fellowship. We also have Bible study and prayer meetings. Now, much is done on line, but it's still a bustle with friends and family. I'm so grateful.

Last year, I hosted a combined homeschool group one day a week. Before COVID, we had all sorts of gatherings here. In the meantime, this is where I create.

I'm getting ready for the Christmas season now so I'm adding more products that are reasonable and easy to ship. You can view my products at

The post office is running a bit slow these days, and with the elections coming, my recommendation is to shop early. I can send it to you, or ship directly to that relative or out-of-town friend with a card included.

Don't forget my books, too! Some are not shown here, but you'll find them all at

God bless you, Marji

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