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To Life !!

Life happens where you least expect it - and it's not always convenient.

Watch a little video here.

This robbin doesn't care that we go in and out constantly. In her mind, I'm sure, she's thinking it's not HER porch any longer, it's MY porch. She has staked her claim, despite the danger, to bring forth new life!

Her tenacity has brought amazing results. (Did you watch the video?" Three little babies, barely able to hold up the size of their beaks, slumber peacefully over my/her door. Everytime I try to sit on my swing I get yelled at! Momma bird squawks at me from the smoke bush, "You have NO business being here! This is MY territory!"

Perhaps we can learn something from this bird. Perhaps we need to be just as tenacious when the enemy tries to encroach upon our land. "You have NO business being here, Satan, this house belongs to the Lord!" or, "No, Satan, you can't have our nation!"

To "stake a claim" means to say or show that you have the right to own something. We must take a stand against the intrusion of violence in our cities? Are we saying, "NO, spirit of division, you don't belong here! We are ONE nation under God!"

There are deadly preditors who want to take over this nation. I don't have to name them, you can see it on the news. But, I have good news!

Prayer cells are forming all over this nation. God's people are waking up to the desperate need for intercession. People are listening, watching, gathering, in any means possible. Whether by zoom, or telephone, or in person, people are responding the urgency of these times.

Now I also feel a warning . . . don't think you don't have to play because somebody else is praying . . . God is calling all His people to pray. This is not just a nice Christain thing to do, This is a battle cry. We are in the Valley of Decision. God will bring judgement on the ungodliness in this nation if we don't repent and pray for mercy. He might let us have the outcome of our laziness. Just as the prophets of the Old Testament called for leaders to repent and pray for the people of Israel to turn back to God to quell judgement. We must turn back to Him with our whole heart and plead for God's mercy over this nation.

Remember, the Church at Laodacea was so lukewarm God said if they didn't repent He'd spit them out of His mouth! Sound harsh? God will not tolerate sin. Sin makes its own bed and the sinner has to sleep in it - unless they turn, humble themselves, and pray. Jesus said if we lose our saltiness we're worthless and will be thrown away. Yes, God is a God of grace and love, and His judgement is always for our correction, not distruction, but He has to judge sin. To allow sin to rule is a slap in the face of His Son Who shed His blood for our freedom.

I keep hearing the Lord say, "This is NOT a time to be sleeping!" This is time for repentance and prayer. We cannot sit back and think we are safe from judgement when the blood of 60,000,000 babies continuously cries out from the grave.

This nation was birthed in prayer and it must be "re-birthed" in prayer to survive this attack.

Summer is a lovely time. Everyone is tired of the stress and want to vacation. It's understandably deserved, but if there's a fire alarm, we can't ignore it and say, "Sorry, I'm on vacation," because it could be your own house.

Pray . . . everywhere . . . anywhere . . . but be sure you do.

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