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Let's Talk About the Word Lupete.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

What does "lupete" mean? It's the Greek word Paul uses in Ephesian to describe the way believers affect the indwelling Holy Spirit when we're insensitive to His ways and live like the world. It means to grieve.

"And grieve (lupete) not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption" (Ephesians 4:30)

Lupete can be used to depict the emotions of a betrayed spouse - feeling deceived, lied to, misled, hurt, wounded, and abused. All these portray the emotions of a spouse who has discovered that his or her mate has been unfaithful. It describes painful emotions. (1)

What has this got to do with the above picture? Let me explain.

The picture was taken from a news report in 1919 by Alex Boyer on Fox 4 News, Dallas, Texas. I chose this as an example of what's going on today. Unfortunately, in recent months, we have many churches and buildings being desecrated, burned, and destroyed.

The heart of God must be grieved when He sees anger and violence taking over our streets. What, as Christians, can we do?

Consider: How does the world see the church? We claim to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, do our lives show this to be true? Do we walk in the spirit of Jesus? Or, do we get angry along with the mob?

What are we doing about what we see happening? Do we watch TV and assume someone else will take care of the problems we're facing? Do we flow like the Pharisee that looked down at the tax collector and pray, "Thank God that I am not like this man" (from Luke 18:11)? Do we simply take a side - or do we listen?

We're at a point when it's unacceptable to turn off our TV's and pretend this isn't happening. We can't look the other way, ignore it, and hide from what's going on. So, what can we do?

1. We must pray . . . but don't stop there.

2. We must examine ourselves?

"WAIT!" you say, "I've NEVER spray-painted a church."

Maybe you have and you're unaware. Are we not, as believers, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit? Are we not His home, His temple? Are we not God's "little churches" where He lives?

We may never pick up a can of paint, but have we smeared 'paint' on others with our words? Do we harbor offense toward a brother or sister? Do we gossip, or tear down someone because they haven't given us what we feel we deserve?

Have we done everything we can to be peacemakers in our homes and families?

You see, everything that's happening in this nation reflects upon the church. If we want peace in this nation we have to first be those peacemakers in our personal lives. We can't blame it on everyone else. We can't sit back, watch what's happening on TV, and think we have nothing to do with what's happening. And we don't reflect the grace and glory of our Lord and Savior, we grieve the Holy Spirit.


Do we have prejudice in our hearts? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we have unforgiveness in our hearts? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we tear down a brother or sister with our words? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we easily become offended? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we lie, or cheat for personal gain? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we neglect time with the Lord because we are too busy? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

Do we claim to be following the Lord, but we don't pray? That grieves the Holy Spirit.

I think you've got the point. Everything we see happening in our nation points back to the church. We must repent before we lose this nation! ASK God IF, and WHERE you have grieved His precious Holy Spirit. Ask Him where you've 'spray-painted' over the issues.

And when you've examined yourself and your heart and hands are clean, lift them up to Heaven and pray for this nation. Pray as you've never prayed before.

(1) taken from a teaching by Rick Renner, Greive Not the Holy Spirit, June 2020.

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