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Just One Of Those Days

I just had "one of those days" actually, two of those days. It started when I visited a friend. We were planning to do artwork together (6 feet apart). 

I was thrilled to see her after two months of isolation. We gave each other a ridiculous air hug and got to work.

Two and a half hours later her husband came home, "Marji, do you know your car is running?"

"My car? No, I wouldn't do that." It was true. I'd left my car running the whole time!  Fortunately, I had a full tank of gas. 

The next day, I was preparing to go to the grocery store, but when I reached for my change purse (with all my cards, driver's license, etc.) it was gone!  

"Oh no! Where it it, Lord?" I groaned, as I tore the house apart. "LORD HELP, WHERE IS MY LITTLE PURSE!" I'd stopped briefly at the store on my way home yesterday, so I called them. "No, M'am, no one has turned in a purse." Click. Groan.

By this time, I thought for sure I was losing my mind. Then, I thought of the person behind me at the checkout. Maybe it was the devil himself, just waiting for me to set my purse down so he could grab it and wreck my day. 

With that thought, I figured I was going off the deep end and needed to get quiet. So, I went to my swing. "Lord, you know all things. I'm asking you to show me where it is." An unthinkable thought suddenly fluttered into my mind--Look in the kitchen garbage pail.

Now why would it be in there? That's crazy . . . but I looked. Deep underneath banana peels and leftover salad was the junk mail I'd tossed. Peaking out beneath an add for tires was my little purse!

I jumped with glee. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!"  ​​ Relieved and grateful, I resumed my plans to go shopping. Hopped in my car, "Hmm, forgot my car key." I looked on the shelf where I always keep it - hmm, not there? Checked my coat pockets - nope.  Went through the banana peels and leftover salad again - no key.

My mother's words echoed from the past, "Well, dear, where did you leave it?"

Really? If I knew that it wouldn't be lost, now would it? 

I combed the house, the yard, the driveway, got a flashlight and searched my car (the one I'd left running), but NO car key!  I looked for hours. Now mind you, I have a spare, but I considered the possibility that the Lord might be telling me to stay home.

But I REALLY wanted to go -- but by now I had no peace, so I stayed home.

The mystery of the lost key is yet to be solved. However, later on the swing, I heard the Lord say, "Will you interrupt your plans, even important plans, if I tell you to stay home?" 

Being in control of our schedules is, I believe, one of the idols the Lord wants to topple. Our times are in His hands -- not ours.  Leaving my car running for hours was due to my preoccupation with seeing my friend. But maybe, could the Lord be saying slow down, move thoughtfully? 

My change purse ended up in the garbage because I'd bundled it with the junk mail - that happens, I guess. But still, even there, I need to be more mindful of what I'm throwing away.  

Hopefully, we never throw away the opportunity to hear God's voice when He wants to teach us how to avoid having - just one of those days!

Heavenly Father, help us to be more mindful of Your voice. Help us to be sensitive to those times when we are rushing ahead of You. Teach us to follow You much more closely. In Jesus name, Amen.

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1 комментарий

06 мая 2020 г.

you are precious.....I just had a stink bug fly across my face, along with a ladybug in my mouth and ants in the sink and a few other rodent stories.....I love the non-pace

the constant silence, the pulling of weeds, the picking of a funny daffodil, the great big vulture that came to eat something dead....the wind in the trees, the amazing amount of horse hair they shed in the spring, the sun and the rain....:)

You make me happy!!!! Have a nice day-tomorrow! love , me :)

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