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"I'm Right!" - "No, I'm Right!"

We can see divisions growing deep and wide across this nation - but this is not what this blog is about. I want to discuss the battle for truth that happens in our thought life.

The first moments on my swing today were indeed that kind of battle - all between my ears! Thoughts were threatening to take me down a stream of negativity that, upon examination, weren't based on truth at all. They were old truths, or lies.

For example: I watched the birds fluttering around the feeder and I thought about how my would have enjoyed it. There's nothing wrong with missing my husband, but then my thoughts went sour: "It's so hard being a widow," I whined. "I'm all alone . . ." I could immediately feel sadness at the threshold.

Thankfully, I recognized the lies and countered with the truth: "NO, Marjorie, it was very difficult - in the beginning. Now you're thriving! You have family and friends, you're creative and productive, and the Lord is always with you!" Immediately my emotions complied.

Shuffling in my seat, I accidentally bumped the big boot brace the doctor prescribed on the frame of the swing. "Ouch!" (then the lies started) "What if this never heals? Oh gee, another problem. I'm falling apart. It isn't easy getting old."

Once again, I countered and declared: "NO! Marjorie, you are NOT falling apart. Your foot IS healing nicely. I refuse that report that it never heals in Jesus name. This is temporary, and, by the way, age is just a number."

I'm not denying there are challenges in health as we get older, or being a widow is always easy, But, I've made the conscious decision not to accept fear, self-pity and negativity.

It's embarrassing to admit some of the crazy thoughts that enter my mind, especially when you write them out for all to read. But, I believe, if we're going to be mature warriors following Christ, we have to be keenly aware of this battleground. We need to be more aware of the thoughts we own as truth.

The Bible tells us we don't war against the flesh or by the flesh. (2 Cor 10:3). Then immediately, Paul talks about arguments that exalt themselves about the knowledge of God. He says we are to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ

(2 Cor. 10:5).

Being double-minded, makes us [emotionally and spiritually] unstable and restless in all our ways - in everything we think, feel, or decide. (Read James 1)

The Greek word for double-minded (dipsychos) literally means double-souled. Having conflicting rivers of thought creates confusion. Emotions that flip-flop all over the place. Indecisiveness is also exhausting. It makes you feel weak, confused, insecure and definitely un-peaceful. The Bible calls it being "tossed to and fro."

I have a friend who looked for a job for over a year. He had a large family to take care of and even after countless job interviews, no doors for work seemed to be opening. Imagine the battleground in his private thoughts. I'm sure the enemy didn't leave him alone because he was having a hard time. He has no mercy. I'm sure he took every opportunity opportunity, every weak moment, to whisper doubt and fear. With God's help, and the prayers of his friends, he stood his ground believing God would provide. Well, God came through with a job better than he could have imagined.

With all the confusion in the world today, we can as Christians fight to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ!

Lord, I ask you to teach us to discern our thoughts. I ask that You tune our ears to hear the "little fosses" that come in to kill, steal and destroy. Give us the mind of Christ, obedient to Your will and always abiding in your love and truth. In Jesus name, Amen.

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