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Do my prayers matter?

Do you ever wonder if your prayers matter? I believe we'll be amazed when we get to Heaven and learn how vital prayer is.

It's wonderful when this side of Heaven God gives confirmation that our prayers are making a difference.

I have to remind myself it's all by faith. Faith, that He is responding when it's all beyond what we might see. Faith, that even my wordless sighs and tears are perhaps more precious to Him than the most eloquently crafted prayer.

Last week on my swing, the Lord told me to have an "urgent" prayer gathering-that night- to pray for the nation.

My mind said, "It's too last minute. It's Friday night, people will be busy."

My heart said, "Do it!"

I sent out a rushed invitation and for the rest of the day I was tuned in for His instructions. As I walked to the mailbox a cloud formation caught my attention. My heart leaped and I knew God was speaking. The group has to see this! So, I ran for my camera.

"God wants us to punch through the darkness over this nation," I said, as I showed them the photo on my computer.

Monday, after our gathering, I got a card in the mail from a dear friend in my widow's group. What she wrote was friendly and sweet, but the card she chose brought God's confirmation. What I heard Him saying, "Your prayers have made a difference."

What an encouraging confirmation!

If there was EVER a time to pray for our nation it's NOW. The darkness wanting to cover this nation cannot stand against the fervant prayers of God's righteous men and women. He is looking for those who will pray.

If you are thinking, but I'm so dry, and uninspired to pray? These feeling can be the tactics of the enemy to silence you. I can relate. Here are a few things that work for me when I don't 'feel' like praying...

  1. First, I remind myself it's not by feelings - it's by faith.

  2. I admit to God the condition of my heart and ask Him to help me.

  3. I turn to the Psalms and let them inspire my prayers.

  4. I thank Him for making me a co-laborer with Him-and He ever lives to make intercession for us (Hebrews 7:25).

  5. I find two or three friends and we pray together.

God wants us to pray - the enemy doesn't. Stand with God. Your prayers DO matter.

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