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Beware The Big "D"

I sprang from bed this morning excited to start the day with a quiet time on the porch swing, maybe a brief walk, and find new inspiration for a blog. My heart was full of faith and joy - then, I passed the scale. Today was the day I weigh myself and report my success.

It's been six weeks and I've lost 12 pounds. "Congratulations," you say. Indeed, I am grateful - and, I have to admit, a bit impatient, because I am in-between the old weight wardrobe and the new weight wardrobe. Everything is too big or still too tight. My clothes are old and "fat," but it's not time to buy new because - I'm going down!

"Don't do it until after your quiet time," came the warning. But I didn't listen. I turned toward the scale.

With visions of a two - three - or four pound loss, I tapped the scale and waited for the zeros to appear. I was confident. All I could think of were the gallons of water, the measuring and weighing, the stomach growls, and all the temptations I victoriously thwarted. Optamistic, I rested my full weight on the cold, stark glass of the scale.

Closing my eyes, I whispered, "It is what it is, Lord . . ." then I opened my eyes and peered down at the numbers.


Then it appeared . . . a low crawling, dark, threatening cloud inched toward me . . . it was the big "D" . . . Discouragement! Watch-out, woman!

I threw on my clothes, laced my sneakers and walked outside, slamming the door behind me.

Discouragement is a killer! If not addressed with determination and boldness it can render your faith of non-effect. It clouds your thinking. It brings its brother demons named: Poor-Me, Hope-Less, and Give-up!


With fists clenched, I stomped down Rush-Mendon Road yelling at the top of my lungs. "STOP! IN JESUS NAME . . . YOU CANNOT HAVE ME!"

(I can only imagine what the people in the cars thought . . . 911, a mad women on the loose.)

Well, guess what! I sure took care of that, in Jesus name. I'm down 1/4 lb. and celebrating my victory. God got the victory in this test. I refuse to cave to discouragement.

I returned home saying, "Onward you go, woman - you're on your way! And, I have inspiration for my new blog!" Ah, see how He works.

Father, thank you for the victory. Thank you for helping us learn the dangers of discouragement. Thank you for those friends reading this blog. I pray, in Jesus name, that you will bring a breakthrough in every area of discouragement. Help them to strengthen their spirits through time in Your Word. We all need you so much, Lord. Help us walk through this season where discouragement hangs in the air. Help us not to grab onto thoughts that drag us down, but grab on to You! In Jesus name, Amen.

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