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His Unfailing Love

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Even with this isolating virus, we have endless things to be thankful for. Our world is so beautiful - down to the finest detail.

I was just beginning this blog when a tiny wren fluttered close to my window.

She had brush in her beak so I was curious where she was building her nest. I kept watching, and soon discovered she'd found a safe place in my bicycle bag! I missed a picture of her on the edge of it - but the was there!

It reminded me of God's watchful eye on the sparrow. What a wonderful reminder. I peeked inside the bag and could see she is making her nest. Smart. Her family will even be protected from the rain, warm and dry.

Think about how God has programed that instinct into each bird. How do they know how to weave? How do they know what to gather to make their nest? It's another miraculous reminder that God is in control. And He has programmed each one of us to need spending time with Him. Of course, if we continuously silence that call it can grow dimmer and dimmer until we don't hear it at all.

Is this forced isolation just about a virus? I don't think so. I know God will turn this into an enormous blessing for His people. So, we may be forced to stay home, but now we have the time to sit with Him, to read, rest, create, and reconnect with our family. Isn't that what many of us have longed for?

All the gods in our nation are falling . . . the god of sports, shopping, even the god of education . . . all are shut down. We are being forced to reexamine, to contemplate, prioritize, face the empty times, face our fears, and face God.

So, what's your plan?

I know I am going to be watching daily for those little tokens and caresses from the Lord. I will be watching how His unfailing love manifests around me . . . for surely it will.

Two nature pictures by my grandson, Will.

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