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Supposed To Bees

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Have you ever been stung by Supposed-to-bee? Her brother's name is Ought-to-bee, and their poison will cause great swells of discouragement.

I'm supposed-to-bee more thankful.

I ought-to-bee eating less sugar.

I ought-to-bee happier . . . sigh.

I always thought that from the size of my feet I was supposed-to-bee much taller, (with long legs and naturally thin, of course). Unfortunately, no amount of dieting ever accomplished this.

Take it from me, that family of supposed-to-bees will steal your joy.

My house ought-to-bee painted . . . sigh.

I ought-to-bee more organized . . . sigh.

I ought-to-bee going to the gym . . . groan.

Here's a good one: I'm supposed-to-bee reading my Bible, and praying more . . . sigh. If we're not careful we can turn the privilege of having quiet time with the Lord into a legalistic duty.

So, what's the remedy when stung? Wait for it . . .

Just bring on the get-to-bees! (it's another way of saying count your blessings.)

I get-to-be a child of God!

I get-to-be grafted in His vine and growing under His watchful care.

I get-to-be standing on the Rock, and supported by His strength.

I get-to-be loved, forgiven, and set apart for His glory.

I get-to-be free from all condemnation.

And it's all because of Jesus.

My advice . . . get out the bee-spray of the Holy Spirit and clear those supposed-to-bees and ought-to-bees out of your life. You'll be much happier. Oh, and by the way, they do try to sneak back in so be on your guard.

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