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Secrets Make You Weak

"Holding secrets makes you weak," said Will Martin to his Dad. The biggest, scariest secret of his entire life was finally out in the open. Not only did telling his Dad bring great relief, he also discovered having his secret out in the light made all his bad dreams go away.

Secrets of the Stone Wall is a page turning mystery for all ages.

When I wrote the book with my grandson, William, it was meant to be for pre-teens. Imagine my surprise when my pastor, and a 65-year-old grandmother said, "I couldn't put it down!"

William is age 13 now. We started the book when he was 12. He came to me one day and asked, "How come you wrote a book for some of the other grandkids and not me?"


"You're a little old for a picture book, what kind would you like me to write?" We agreed to work on it together--he would be the idea man and I'd write.

"Mim, it has to have lots of suspense, be really scary and have some blood and guts."

We'd already ruled out zombies. He also wanted at least one swear word in it--but I didn't comply.

One year, and a ream of typing paper later, the book went to the editor.

Hope you'll help me spread the news!

A grandmother purchased the book for her nine year old grandson. "He came rushing up to me and said, 'Gramma, guess what? It's really good!!'" (I guess getting a book from another grandmother in church hadn't held much initial clout.)

I had the chance to talk with her grandson, "What was your favorite part?" I asked.

Without hesitation he answered ....... Oops, sorry, I'd better not tell you what he said because it will give the story away.

When you order on Amazon be sure you spell Stone Wall as two separate words (not stonewall) or you won't find it.

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