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The Earth Sings!

We are about to embark on an awakening!

Marji's painting

Spring is coming and the land around us will soon let us witness the life held in secret all these winter months.

Isn't it wonderful to serve a God Who is Self-revealing? He wants to be found. He has given us eyes to see, and ears to hear so we can find Him. Sometimes God seems to be hidden from us--but it's our eyes that must be opened.

Here's an excerpt from my new book coming out in August,

Flourishing In God--A Message From the Trees.

We only have a tip-toed peek into the abundance of God that is all around us. The trees alone are so full of the fingerprints of God, it's enough to fill you with wonder.

Have you ever wished for the strength of a thousand voices to help you praise the Lord? When I walk through the woods on our land, I’m so aware that my song barely rises above the wind and is too small to express the worship in my heart. But, now I have learned when I walk in a forest my song is not the only one God is listening to.

Scientists have invented a device which allows them to perceive the electromagnetic variations from the surface of plants from the leaves down to the root systems, and translate them into musical tones! they have discovered plants and tree SING!

Just think, if all the earth’s trees sing for joy, as the scripture says, and all the seas resound, and the heavens rejoice—what must the sound be like to the ears of God? What makes us think God only hears people?

Experts have concluded there are over 60,000 species of trees on earth, with millions of trees within each variety, can you imagine the chorus rising up to heaven?

God has put sound, or a song, in every living thing and we now have the technology to hear what our natural ears would not allow.

The more I study trees, the more I am amazed at how little I know about the world He has created. His world is so intricate, so mathematically perfect, it brings me to tears to think that this same God, this brilliant Creator, would bend to comfort me.

There is so much more to God’s abundant life than what we know. It’s so comforting to realize He hears every song and every prayer, even those unspoken ones deep within our hearts.

Scientists have also discovered trees change their tones when they are dry, and their song becomes a cry for water. We cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, but scientists have found a way to understand these signals for help.

Trees take in water essentially from a long straw. When the plant transport system stops working from lack of water, they break, allowing air to form bubbles that block the water's flow. Microphones can actually pick up the sound. This signals the tree is in real danger.

I know when I feel dry my song changes. Dryness of spirit can be caused by different things such as grief, depression, loneliness, or physical illness, but the primary one I refer to here is created by not connecting with Jesus. We only flourish when connected to the One who brings that flourishing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Are you thirsty? Has your song been diminished? Lord, hear our cry. Please come with the water of Your Word and nourish our dry souls. Life is so busy, and draining. Give us a special time with You to drink deeply from Your wellspring.. In Jesus name, Amen.

Flourishing In God--A Message From the Trees will be released in August, Lord willing. If you would like to order a copy please send your request to:

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