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Cool, Charming, and Cheap!

Why did God have to create the serpent? Everything in the garden was perfect until. God knew that he would lie and entice Eve … so why?

“The serpent was the most cunning of all the wild animals that the Lord God had made” (Genesis 3:1). He knew just how to lure Eve to eat from the wrong tree.

Now, before we totally blame Eve, Adam was standing right there! And has it occurred to you that Eve had never been lied to before. Do you think she might have been a little gullible?

I'm quite familiar with gullible. Salesmen just see me coming and say, “Oh boy, here’s an easy sell!” It doesn’t help that I’m a senior-citizen, but I also have the kind of face that says, “I believe all nice people.”

Years ago, I bought an expensive refrigerator from a charming salesman (emphasis charming) who claimed he had the sale of the century ending that day! That should have clued me in ... but no ... instead, I thought: how fortunate I came on the right day!

“You, young lady, can have this shiny new frig at my special discount — and just for you I'll take 10% off the delivery charge!” (I have to admit he made me feel cute).

Mother always taught me being nice was next to godliness. Such a nice man certainly wouldn’t lie to me. Right?

The frig looked good so I bought it. I was convinced I’d been a good shopper and my husband would be proud of me for saving money. So, I let them wheel that giant LEMON into my house!

A few months later the repair man told me the reason why it was so difficult opening the bottom freezer door was because I needed to use my hairdryer to defrost the rungs! He also told me refrigerators only last 3-4 years. I said, "Please leave!"and prayed instead - the freezer door still sticks a bit - but it's going strong over 10 years now. (I know that's God)

I was being pushed by cool, charming and cheap. I'd have done much better if I'd been led by peace, and God's voice. I can tell you, God knows where the sales are! He can also keep your things from wearing out. It was another reminder to listen. I also discovered people will take advantage of seniors and it’s smart to bring a friend when you’re making large purchases.

God took a risk in giving us choice, but love can not be dictated. He wants us to choose to love and follow Him first.

Years ago I wrote this chorus that says:

It is knowing who You are that makes us worship.

It is knowing who You are that makes me praise.

Lord, reveal yourself to me,

Open up my eyes to see

For it's knowing who You are that makes me praise.

Loving and following Christ is a daily choice. Knowing Him is our motivation. The world will always whisper “this is good, or that will feed your soul;” but God knows there is nothing in this world to replace the good that comes from knowing Him.

For more on the subject of choosing God's good: Try this blog.

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