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How Do I Grow A Great Harvest?

If I had my way, seeds would go on top of the soil where I could watch them growing. However, to grow a great harvest we have to be willing to bury the seed in the ground - in the dark - and trust that in the beginning its only light will come from the eyes of God.

It's not easy to take the precious seeds of ministry, or gifting, or dreams, and bury them . . trusting only in what we cannot see.

Interestingly, the first song I ever wrote was called, Sit and Be Still. God knew I needed to learn to do just that! I never imagined then I would would one day have a collection of over a hundred songs and eleven albums.

The excitement for great things always rang in my heart - but God held the reins of my growth.

I remember the first time I received a prophesy. My spirit leapt, my mind filled with with excitement: "You will go to many people, places and nations . . ." I wanted to go home and pack my bags. But God sent me home to my little family. I went no place, and certainly to no nations. I often kid that when I wanted to be famous - God put a mop in my hands. When God? How God? What about many people and places . . .?

All seeds must first go into the ground. Into the dark where only God can see it - first to die. God loves us too much to give a a harvest before our stalk grows. Imagine a six inch corn plant trying to hold up giant ears of corn.

"Do not despise these small beginnings" (Zechariah 4:10).

"What is comparatively little is abstractedly great. If you want to do much for God, do not generalize so much. Do not be discouraged by seeing how many are unsaved, look at the one saved." (J. Summefield, Great results from small beginnings.)

I used to be a runner (really). I ran miles every day. When I started I couldn't make it to the corner without feeling my chest would explode. God said, "You have need of endurance." That was not a word in my vocabulary. I had fast service on the brain long before Mac Donald's was a twinkle in the inventor's eye. Endurance didn't come overnight - even though I wanted it to.

One day approaching a hill, He said, "Concentrate on the ground passing beneath your feet - don't look at how far you have to go." That's exactly what I did. I stared down at the pavement and could see that I was making progress. Step by step, I made it to the top.

Most of my ministry has been hidden in the dark . . . set apart, in solitude, with nothing visually happening. That's where lyrics were born like: Quiet days on the mountain side alone, listening to the breezes in the daytime, in the pavilion at your side. . . run to the mountains where the waters flow, sit by the side of the One I know . . .they were born in the dark.

I remember struggling to write the words for a melody one day when my neighbor called to ask me to babysit her 8 month old for a few hours. I put her in her bouncy chair beside the piano and playfully sang: "You don't look like very much - but just you wait and see . . ." Suddenly I had it!

Eagle Song

I don't look like very much

Sitting in my nest

My little beak all crumble up

And feathers all a mess.

But don't be moved by what you see

I'm really quite the bird

I'm mightier than all the rest

No matter what you've heard . . .


I'm an eagle and I soar within my heart

I'm an eagle and I'm just about to start my flight.

I'm an eagle and I soar above the night

Just you wait and see . . .

I'm an eagle . . . In my Father's eyes.

I hide beneath my Father's wing

Too shaky to be freed

Nestled in my little place

Receiving all I need

But soaring comes and soaring grows

Within this trusting place

My faith upon His mighty wings

My strength found in His face.

Father, helps us to have patience with Your processing. Help us to keep our eyes on You, not the thing we want to grow. Help us be content with small beginnings - all along the way. No matter how mature our ministries may already be, there are always fresh small beginning to be faithful to. You are the Gardener. We trust You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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