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Don't Give Up On Prayer

Pain. Burning pain. Distracting, activity-stopping pain. Have you ever been there? I'm wasn't sure what was causing my pain, but both my legs and hips were on fire. I couldn't sleep. No position helped. The chiropractor said it wasn't my back . . . the doctor offered no solution or explanation. They sent me home with nothing but . . . "we'll have to see what develops . . .."

All I could do was reach out for prayer. Prayer was the only hope, because God IS our hope. He uses medicine, but ultimately all healing is from Him. The first thing I did was pray, myself, but sometimes what is going on in your life is greater than what you can handle alone. Sometimes it takes corporate agreement and a chorus of voices . . . God always hears the tiniest whisper, the slightest sigh from our hearts, but these times require the shout of an army.

God gave me a picture to rest my heart on while I waited for a breakthrough. it was a bright red umbrella. And with the image came the caption: You are under the umbrella of His Blood.

With the image came the promise: "No weapon that is formed against you will prosper . . . (Isaiah 54:17 NAS)

If we are followers of Christ, and have put our hope and faith in Him, all our sins are forgiven. We maintain our position under the umbrella of His blood by keeping our hearts pure, free of offense and unforgiveness, and unconfessed sin. His love is without question, but we are in a war and we must maintain our armor at all times . . . not to earn our position - but to defend the position Christ has purchased for us with His blood. He has done it all - but we have to stay under His umbrella.

"For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy (through His Blood) the world of the devil." (1John 3:8)

Today I am free of that pain! The turnaround was amazing. God heard our prayers. The enemy heard our corporate "shout".

Why it took four days - I do not know. Why some continue in pain - I do not know. What I do know is we must never give up on prayer.

I visited a widow who was struggling with debilitating anxiety. "Let's pray," I said, touching her shoulder softly.

"I already did that," she snapped. "It didn't work."

She didn't sound like her. She was a strong believer, just worn down and discouraged. I could understand. I've been there myself.

We listened for the next half hour as she poured out all her frustration with life in general. "He used to do these things. I can't get myself motivated to even try. I miss him so much I can't think straight."

There was the blockage - grief. Talking seem to clear away the confusion and soon she was telling me how she needed to trust God, that He would help her find the practical help she needed around the house.

When I suggested again that we pray, she was wide open and quickly bowed her head. "Why don't you pray," I said. Immediately she began. Her prayer came straight from an uncluttered heart. Her prayer was bold and full of hope.

Sometimes the things we wrestle with are so great that in order to pray we have to first unload. That's why God puts us in a body of believers-because we need each other to stand strong.

NEVER give up on prayer. If your answers don't seem to be coming - pray more. Unload every drop of discouragement and the frustration trials bring . . .then pray again. Keep doing it. God hears. He answers. He gives hope. He provides the courage and tenacity to hold on.

"Confess your offenses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The instant prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective" (James 5:16).

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