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"The morning after" certainly has different meanings depending on the group you hang with. Mine usually refers to the morning after I watch the grandkids all day. Or - the morning after a conference. That's the only time I might "feel my age."

Friday and Saturday was the East Williamson Free Methodist Church retreat. I spoke Friday night, Saturday morning, and then led the ladies in an art project in the afternoon.

I've never taught an art class larger than 30ish . . . but on Saturday there was over 60! But you know, despite my inexperienced teaching abilities, they had a lot of fun. They all created masterpieces. I hoped that the technique of using watercolor and plastic wrap to create

lovely patterns would be something they could repeat with their kids or grandkids.

Williamson Free-Methodist Church is a warm, loving congregation. Erica and Kelly were only two of the many women who poured their love and time into making this a wonderful weekend. (I don't remember names very well - so sorry) Holly and her friend did a great job with the music. Billy outdid himself with helpful, technical abilities. He was fun and friendly to work with--I enjoyed

meeting him.

The pastor introduced himself - "I know you from the Bergen Tent Meetings back in the 80's". I guess I am old enough to have been alive in the 80's -- even though I don't feel like it!! He's a friendly, 6'6" man with an obvious pastor's heart. Thank you, pastor, for letting me speak into the lives of the women of your church.

I shared in my church this morning that I was keenly aware that the whole weekend was Body participation.

1. My preparation almost got side-railed by silly discouragement until my friends Cindy, Susan and Josephine encouraged me.

2 . My intercessors were praying for the retreat.

3. My hostesses Erica, Chris, Kelly and Lisa were in communication with me with detailed emails and texts.

4. When the snow almost cancelled our plans, husbands offered to drive the 85 miles round trip to pick me up so I wouldn't have to drive in bad weather. Luckily it cleared.

5. I was staying in the Reid "bed and breakfast" and treated like a princess.

6. Homemade quiche for breakfast - a yummy stew for dinner.

7. All the hands that went into making the fruit, dessert and pastry table. Yum.

8, The precious ladies who tended to my table - and did such an awesome job I never worried about one mistake - and they didn't make any.

9. The sweet woman who helped load my car.

10. Plus all the text messages I received from my friends at church saying they were praying for me. Along with Pastor Don who is so supportive of my ministry he could hardly wait to hear how the retreat went.

The theme of the weekend was how to embrace the grace of God on the Monday-Tuesday level of life . . . but we rabbit trailed all around that subject as the Lord lead. The women enjoyed my youtube videos: Stories with Mimmy, along with hearing Flo, from Brooklyn, and a word from the character, Bernice, (who just quit smoking and got new teeth)

His presence was evident. Joy abounded. Laughter rang. And my feet didn't hurt.

Thank you, Lord, for the ministry of Your Body. We all were blessed.

Love and thank you, Marji

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