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"Look at Us"

Peter and John went up to the temple for prayer at the ninth hour. A man born lame was carried to the entrance of the temple every day to beg for alms. When Peter and John saw the man the scripture says they "fixed their eyes on him."

The definition of the word "fixed" is to gaze or look intently upon, or to observe with great interest. It wasn't a casual glance. They saw the man, and their interest was peaked. I wonder how many religious leaders passed him every day and kept right on going?

Have you ever been drawn to someone for no apparent reason?

There were many people at the temple, but one man stood out to John and Peter. When the Lord highlights a face in the crowd, or a particular friend, maybe it's because the Lord wants us to put on the brakes and ask, "Why have you drawn my attention to this person? Is there something You would like me to do?"

When I was a young widow, people often told me that they'd been thinking about me. It would have been a blessing if they'd taken the time to call. Because of this experience, it made me more sensitive to the people that catch my attention. Perhaps God had a blessing for us to share or receive?

Peter and John said to the man, "Look at us." (Acts 3:4)

The church is so worry about pride. It's nothing to ignore, but maybe we need to clarify which is pride and which is boldness in the Lord.

People say, "Don't look at us, look at the Lord." Of course we understand it is nothing we possess--but where are we looking? Aren't we the temple of the Holy Spirit? Aren't we the carriers of the Lord's Presence, His people, called to bring Jesus to the world?

I know we have to watch the flesh getting all puffed up with pride, but do we go too far? It's foolish to put confidence in the flesh, but not at the expense of being anxious that stepping out might be our pride. it's all about bringing His Presence--which He has given us through our relationship with Jesus.

"Silver and gold I do not have," said Peter, I haven't got anything in the natural to give you, "but what I do have I (delight to) give you; In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." (Acts 3:6) And the man did!

Maybe God will use us this way--if we stop worrying about looking foolish.

You CAN be a blessing to someone hurting. You DO have the answer for the needs of those around you. You CAN be used by God to bring His Presence to a hurting soul.

First . . . we have to SEE the needs around us!

Second . . . we have to be interruptible, and stop long enough to ask the Lord why.

Thirdly . . . we have to believe we have something to give.

Father, help us to see the hurting. Help us to be interruptible and listen to You when someone arrests our attention. Help us walk with confident faith that we are Your people, filled with Your Spirit, and always be ready to give. In Jesus name, Amen.

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