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The thought came to me as I pared carrots for my sons' lunches, "I want you to be like

a carrot! Orange-all-the-way-through."


He wants his children to be the same texture, color and taste, on the inside, as on the outside, just like a carrot.  

Enjoy 27 transparent, humorous and heart warming stories as you journey towards all-the-way-through-excellence in Christ.


Why did God choose specific trees for the stories in the Bible? Wouldn't any tree be sufficient? Or do the unique characteristics of each type of tree serve to confirm and enhance the story's teaching?

Deepen the roots of your faith and experience flourishing fruitfulness in your life. 


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Date Palm.jpg

Read what others are saying . . .

I recommend this book to all those wanting to walk with God. I found this book moves beyond the casual faith to a close relationship with God. The author beautifully weaves the messages from the trees to inspire real abiding faith.

My grandson and I wrote this together.

Will and Mim 1.jpg

Will Martin had never been able to resist a good mystery. He and his friend, Pete, love to go on adventures deep in the Martin pine forest. It was great fun until they stumbled upon a real-life incident of blood and treachery which threatened to bring

their young lives to an end. Suddenly, life and death hung by a thread of secrecy.


gifts from the Porch Swing book

You Are Not Alone

Gifts from the Porch Swing

Embracing Grace After Loss

After 30 years of ministering through music, Marji Stevens suffered an accident and lost her ability to sing. Just a few years later, a prolonged illness claimed the life of her husband, Bill, to whom she had been married for 40 years. She then spent the next seven years as a caregiver to her 92-year-old mother-in-law, who continued living in the couple's home.  Marji learned how to process her grief and face her fears each morning when she met with the Lord on her porch swing. Now Marji shares those discoveries with you, gifts of grace she has learned to embrace on the journey through loss and grief.


You Are Not Alone mini-book

A little 4 x 5.5" booklet for someone who is a new widow.  It's filled with full-color inspirational art by Marji, plus Scripture verses, and words of hope and encouragement. 

 Words of Comfort

for the Hurting Heart


A mini-book for the friend who has suffered the loss of a loved one other than a spouse. 

Notecards with the same image are also available.

Read what others are saying...

"I just finished Marji's book. Every story is filled with such deep honesty. It is both refreshing to hear what needs to be said, and then sad that we didn't get it before this book shares it plainly. There is freedom that comes with confronting the truth from all angles, and that is what Marji does." B. Morgan


"Marji writes with such open honesty about a wide variety of life events. Her book is an engaging story that kept me reading when I should have been sleeping. She encouraged and inspired me. and she imparted valuable tools on surviving and thriving through loss, which will benefit any reader." Lynn B.


"This book is a blessing! Marji weaves humor into the transparent and vulnerable telling of her pathway through grief. timeless wisdom is illustrated in each story. This was the book I couldn't wait to pick up at the end of the day." Lori D.

Words of Comfort for the Hurting Heart

Marji's Books for your favorite Kid-lits

My children's books have been inspired by my seven grandchildren. From potty training to the first day of school, they have filled my heart with stories to write and illustrate. If you're a grandparent like me, you know the joy of reading to your 'kidlets'--as long as they'll sit still! 

TOCK COVER 6x6 - NEW.jpg

Little Tick did everything she could, but no amount of effort achieved her goal - to make a "tock."


Tick learns the power of prayer and the warmth of a good friend's encouragement.

I wish I could give this book ten stars. This is such a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of fully relying on God each and every day of our lives. A great reminder for us adults too!

Sharon E. 



Reading this book is like reading a Max Lucado children's book or a parable of Jesus ~ simple words and pictures pack a powerful message. Lord, help me to keep letting You oil me every day, and please surround me with encouragers, like the little mouse, to cheer me on! Sharon O.

So many times in my years of working in daycare, we would have kids that were scared to go on the potty. This is a great book to show little ones that it isn't scary, and that they CAN do it.  S. Erickson

Baby Moose Learns To Go Potty

Baby Moose conquers the "big-boy" task of learning how to use the potty and earns a special prize.

How do you like the

Paper-mache display

potty I made?

Baby Moose believes he's having the worst, "most terrible-est day ever . . ." 

But he quickly learns an entire day is not ruined because one thing goes wrong.

Baby Moose and the Shiny Red Fireman Hat

Marji will make school visits. Why not plan one at your school?     Here's How . . .

This book would make an ideal gift for a youngster, coupled with a fireman's hat and a bell. You can just feel Baby Moose's excitement when the worst "most terrible-est day ever" is turned around.

Baby Moose in Blahville

Who would want to visit a town called, Blahville? The mayor decides it's time for a context and a new name.

Baby Moose discovers that God answers prayer - sometimes in the most unusual ways.

Can you make a funny bubble sound?




            SHAKE !

Is That My Bus?

Hazel's first day on the school bus came with some strange sights and sounds.  As well as some fluttery tummy butterflies and cold feet.  But, Hazel learns that good friends can help your courage grow when trying new things.

The Little Plot of Land

A thought-provoking modern-day parable for all ages.

The young man is perplexed when given an overgrown plot of land. It didn't seem like a gift at all compared to his neighbor. But in time, the young man learns that good gifts often need to be discovered. Under the watchful eye of his feathered friend, he learns that obedience and perseverance bring him a surprising reward.

Questions for discussion are included.

This is Everett 72.jpg
these are my bro and sister 72.jpg
Eve w chicken 72.jpg

Everett's beloved big, and fat chicken loved to give ... but all in the wrong places!

Join in the fun as the family discovers the

problem with this

Big Fat Chicken's

love language!

cover 2 only.jpg

A beautiful rendition of the

classic, Footprints in the Sand. 

A great little book that teaches the love of our heavenly Father and the relationship between a dad and his son.


A great Father's Day gift.

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