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God's Intricacy

The morning breezes made the leaves flutter as if they were softly clapping praise to God. I closed my eyes and soaked in sweet worship.

"Study My intricacy," the Spirit whispered.

Immediately, I thought of the picture on the left I'd taken from the magnificent oak tree on Plains Road. A branch fell in the windstorm. As sad as it was, some of God's intricacies were revealed.

Just look at the swirls in this wood - all hidden from view on the inside of a tree.

Examine the colors and the different textures. Our God is an amazing artist. Do you believe He can create an intricate, beautiful design in your life, too?

Henry Simmons shares this quote, "The definition for the word "intricacy" is, 'God is so involved in so many ways in our lives that it is impossible to exist without His presence.'" (2)

My attention then went to the patterns right in front of me. The rain left these textures on the bark of the Japanese Maple. See the stripes? Notice the texture. All the work of His hands. He's doing the same in your life.

A raindrop clinging to the bark.

Can you see the reflections in the drop? Do you carry the reflection of Jesus in your life?

The world is filled with intricacies, some hidden from view, and some right in front of us. God's intricacies, are more than can be numbered, or comprehended. He is the God of detailed involvement in our lives. We just have to stop and take time to see.

With so many negatives swirling around us right now, it's easy to get caught up in them and miss the intricacies of God that are all around us. He can certainly handled the problems in this nation. We are called to partner with this God of details and He will give us our prayer and service assignments.

Did you know, something miraculous is happening right now in the trees? As daylight shortens and temperatures drop the chlorophyll in the leaves begins to break down. The green color produced by the presence of chlorophyll breaks down and the leaf shows its true color.

But, something else is happening. At the point where the stem of the leaf attaches to the branch, a special membrane of cells develops. Gradually, the tissues that hold the leaf is severed. Immediately the tree seals the cut so that when the leaf falls away a perfectly formed leaf scar is formed. Directly above the leaf scar is where new growth will form. The promise of new life follows the death of a each leaf. (1)

When we die to our flesh our true colors emerge. The colors God intended since the beginning of time. "We have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me" (Galations 2:20).

He has wonderful, multicolored new growth planned for each one of us. Why not purpose to look for God's intricacies in your life today.

Father, give us eyes to see the details all around us that point to Your love and mastery. Help us to trust You with every detail in our lives, and in this nation. Help us to pick up our cross and follow You. In Jesus name, Amen


2. The Mystery of the Intricacy and Intimacy of God's Involvement in your Physical Life Revealed.

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