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Put A Stop To Wrinkles!

Did you know sugar causes wrinkles? Eating too much sugar affects the elasticity of your skin. It causes glycation--a process where the sugar in your bloodstream binds to proteins, forming molecules that make the collagen in your skin brittle--hence, wrinkles! (1)

This is the first time in years that I made Christmas cookies. I delude myself into thinking I can be in the same house with a cookie. "NO thank you," I claim. "I'm not eating sugar. It's poison. Bad for you. I'm free in Christ to resist . . . Hmmm, I just need to taste each variety to be sure they're alright. Actually, I'd better taste one from each cookie sheet to be sure they're done evenly. Seven cookies later . . .

Taking just a taste of a cookie is like that ice cream you say you're NOT having, "NO, thank you, I'm not having a bowl, I only want to take a taste." Fifteen minutes later you're still standing at the kitchen counter, the ice cream is now soft all around the sides of carton, and . . . it's all over now!

Resisting sugar doesn't sound like a very spiritual topic. But, trust me, the minute you decide to cut it out of your life, you'll discover the battle. Sugar is everywhere! It's in everything! And it's highly addicting.

Sugar Facts

- Did you know that sugar was once considered a spice, not a sweetener?

- Centuries ago, it was also used to make medicine.

- In the 13th century, British monarch Henry III tried to purchase three pounds of sugar, but he doubted that that much sugar could be found in all of England! (2)

- Today, the average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar in one year. That's equivalent to 3 pounds of sugar in a week! (3)

Wow! That's flabbergasting. The manufacturers get you by posting the sugar content of a product in grams. I asked several people if they knew how many grams in a teaspoon and no one could tell me. There are five grams of sugar per teaspoon. I'm a visual learner so, I tested it:

I used to believe frosted mini-wheats were a better choice. There are 12 grams of sugar, plus 12 more grams of additional sugar. So, twenty-four pieces equals twenty-four grams, that's shy of five heaping teaspoons of sugar. Gag!

One "healthy" breakfast bar is the same . . . 5 teaspoons of sugar. Then if you add 8 oz. of chocolate milk, little Johnny will be getting an additional 22 grams of sugar . . . another 4.5 teaspoons. How about white milk? A better choice, but still 12 grams!

Oh, it's a battle alright. There is more hidden sugar than you might think. For example:

1 cup of Low-Fat fruit Yogurt = 47 grams, 12 teaspoons.

2 Tb. barbecue sauce = around 14 grams, over 3 teaspoons.

1 Tb. ketchup = 1 teaspoon of sugar.

20 oz. sports drink = 32 grams of sugar, 8 teaspoons.

Large flavored coffee = 25 teaspoons of sugar! 3 times the amount of a 12 oz can of Coke.

Vitamin waters may have up to 32 grams of sugar = shy of 7 teaspoons.

The devil is a deceiver. He wants us to be weak and unhealthy. Manufacturers are often dishonest in the way they use their label. Did you know there are 56 common names for sugar? They may not call them "sugar" but they still are.

Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar affects your immune function. Bacteria and yeast feed on sugar. Sugar accelerates aging. Increases stress, and too often takes the place of important nutrients.

Let's band together people, and put an end to wrinkles!

1. How Much Sugar Do You Eat? Health Promotion in Motion.

2. Anna Green, 15 Sweet Facts About Sugar.

3. Ibid #1.

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