A Good Word Makes Glad

May 1, 2013


      When I heard her yowl I sprang from my bed. The minute I saw her lying in the middle of the rug I knew this was not going to be any ordinary night.

     By 3:00 a.m., my son and I were driving down the deserted streets of Henrietta to the Veterinary Emergency.

     Scarlet’s eyes were swollen shut and she was breathing with an open mouth – not a good sign. We assumed she’d been stung in her mouth by a bee. They gave her a shot of Benadryl, and $175 later, we pulled into the driveway again.

     It was just getting light. I placed her on my bed and immediately fell asleep. Two hours later I lifted her from my bed and tried to place her on the floor. She couldn’t stand-up. Her legs wouldn’t work and she just flopped over on her side.

     Five hours later, with no improvement, I drove her back to the hospital. Four hours later, I brought her home with a list of guesses.

     “It can either be a brain tumor, a parasite that has migrated to her brain, or she’s got something similar to vertigo. Let’s hope for the later,” she said.

     After giving her a shot for nausea, and some hydration, we returned home – to wait. My heart was breaking to see my sweet Scarlet so, so sick.

     “What should I do, Lord? You know what is going on. Please show me,” I cried. My Bible was sitting next to me on the end table so I picked it up and randomly opened it. My eyes fell on Proverbs 12:10. This is what I read,


     “The righteous man regards the life of his animal.”

      “Oh, Lord . . .” I gasped. I knew He was telling me to just keep watching her, to be attentive and trust Him with the outcome. That was all I needed to feel totally confident the Lord was on board and leading me every step.

     Proverbs 12:25 says “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.”

     “A good word . . .” isn’t that what it takes to make it through tough times? That simple verse replaced the anxiety I had in my heart and gave me a steady, solid peace. However the decisions ahead might fall, I have assurance that He was with me and I wouldn't miss His leading.

     Scarlet is resting comfortably on a special bed in my laundry room. She’s home, she’s safe, and she’s in the Lord’s hands.

     Isn’t it wonderful that we serve such a personal God who even knows the page we need to turn to for the “good word” we need. I never knew that scripture existed – but I can assure you, I’ll never forget it. 


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