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The Best Before the Rest?

I sat on the swing this morning, carefully choosing the best before the rest, and pray. Seconds later, the dog appeared, sat down in front of me, and stared. You can't ignore my dog--it's impossible. He's so big, when he sits down in front of you he blocks the sun! I had forgotten to feed him ... oh, the outrage! So, I took care of the beast, and returned to the best-of-the-rest and pray.

In the distance my cellphone announced an incoming message. Curiosity got the best of me, and I ran to answer it. It was a text informing me the new cabinet for my bathroom was arriving the next morning ... Oh, no, tomorrow, what was that other appointment I had? So, I went searching for my calendar ...

Oh, yeah, the carpenter is coming to put shelves in my closet ... Oh No! I have to empty my closet!

NO... I said to myself .... the best before the rest. The closet can wait. So, I returned to the swing.

Opening to Psalm 121 ... "I will lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord ..." Sweet. Oh Lord, you are my help ...

WHACK... The mosquitoes were chewing on my legs, so I went inside to pray. The dog appeared again and lovingly laid across my feet ....

"Ahhh, good boy ... Phew, you stink, Oden. You need a bath." So, I jumped up, and filled his dog bone shaped swimming pool. Normally he likes it, but when he saw the bottle of shampoo... oh boy. The beast becomes instantly disobedient.

"COME"... nope. "WANT A COOKIE?" ... nope.

Two cookies finally did it (the dog can count) and I quickly poured the flea and tick shampoo all over his back. Then, HE WAS VERY DONE! I was wet ... he was not. He sat on the edge of the property and refused to look at me. Several chunks of cheese and a little chicken later, I managed to wash the soap off his back. (that's the only part we got to.)

Returning to my quiet time I started with my list of concerns: "Oh Lord, help me finish my mystery novel so I can move on ..." Move on? Let's see, should I move on to finishing that children's book? Or, should I start the new book on flourishing in God?... I wonder where my notes are on that project -- better check.

After tearing apart my desk, I determined they must be in the studio. That's when I stumbled upon the art project I'd started the day before. Oh, I need to finish this ... before I knew it I was elbow deep in paint.

The dog appeared. His head is taller than my table, so he quickly got paint on his face. I quickly scooted him outside and my eyes fell on the swing.

"One thing at a time," I heard God say.

"Let's start again, Lord," I sighed. "Help me always choose the best before the rest."

That's when it occurred to me ... this would make a great blog.

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