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You've Got To Be Kidding!

It was the best of days . . . it was the worst of days. I was have a particularly splendid, creative day when I got a phone call from my web-guy.

"You're not going to like what I'm about to say," he in a whisper.

"Oh no! What?" I said bracing myself.

"Your website has . . . well, put it this way, I got the white screen of death."

"Ohhhhh, you've got to be kidding!"

Well, it looks like my hand has been forced -- and I have no choice but to start over again. I felt surprisingly peaceful, knowing myself as I do. I've been wanting to put up a new blog, but the work is overwhelming.

"Don't worry," I heard myself say. "It will all work out. I want to build a new website anyway. Let me pray about it and get back to you."

Well, I did, and the Lord let me know I was to build my own - from scratch - which means I will have to call on your patience and tolerance as I figure out all the things I haven't figured out yet.

There are some details like the dates on the older blogs - they are messed up, and not in order.

Also, the task of taking the backed-up blogs and reformatting them for this venue. . . well, let's say, I'm not sure I've developed that level of patience yet.

At this point, what I plan to do is post a few of the old ones, and then put the rest into a Blog-A-Day book (name yet unknown). I have well over 365 so there's one a day.

Boy, I sure have no trouble creating work for myself -- do I?

Anyway, this is what's going on. A few prayers my way would be appreciated. Also, I'd like to know what you think about the looks. Like the sketch of me? I tried.

Hope you'll keep checking in regularly.

Love you, Marji

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