Musical Morning Bliss


The minute I opened my eyes I heard the rain.  The birds were singing in the shower – musical morning bliss.  I got up, opened the screen door near my bed and all the windows, then snuggled back under the covers.

The fresh air wafted across my nose.  I breathed deeply and soaked in the symphony of  the morning.

The Lord reminded me of the time, probably thirty years ago, when I sat on  the porch listening to the gentle rain and He gave me a song on my guitar:  Gently, Gently.  Gently, gently fall on me.  Gently, gently You call to me.  Spirit, I need Thee, saturate and free me.  Gently, come away, love. 

With the song came a word:  

I am sending a gentle restoring rain.  Just keep your eyes on Me.  I will restore your aching heart and heal your splintered soul, and cause a turning in your life.  For My will is restoration.  My banner is love.

I can turn the rock to water and change the flint to fountains.  I can turn the hardened heart to receiving softness once again.  I can restore a broken marriage and return a wayward child.  I can warm where chilling rejection has splintered and shattered all trust.

It is in turning to Me that you are turned.  It is in turning to Me that restoration and healing are found.

So awake, arise, stand up from the trenches and ditches of discouragement, and let Me cleanse you and clothe you in the gift of My righteousness.

Lord…your faithfulness reaches to the heavens… thank you for the gentle rain and the reminder that you can do all things in our lives.  Bless my friends, give them your joy today and let them feel your unfailing love.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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  1. Kathy Algarin says:

    Simple refreshing!

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